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5 Stars for Mary Rose

DogOrange’s sell out production of Mary Rose has been awarded 5 stars. Read the review here

Mary Rose

Can you hear the call?

In the grey waters surrounding the Hebrides, a fir tree and a rowan keep vigil over a mysterious island where spirits walk.

In a Sussex manor house another ghost keeps watch, yearning for the return of her beloved boy.

Mary Rose is a supernatural story of love, lost innocence and the parallel world where our departed ones are still present, just beyond reach.

Award nominated theatre company DogOrange brings its imaginative style to this 20th Century classic ghost story by Peter Pan author J M Barrie in a beautifully haunting new production at the Brockley Jack Studio, directed by Matthew Parker and featuring new music by Maria Haik Escudero.

a haunting, and beautifully sincere production, that will leave you with traces of its spirit way after the curtain call…. if you want to see some theatre with real conviction, sincerity and artistry go and see this play, and keep your eyes and ears open to anything from Dog Orange or Matthew Parker; I can’t wait to see what they do next.


 Director Matthew Parker delivers a scrupulously detailed, gripping, genuinely goose-bump inducing vision of this high Victorian ghost story… Parker’s sterling cast, and his sure, hugely inventive dramatic touch generate an impressive, lingering impression of real loss and longing.

Time Out

Mary Rose should not be missed. Rarely does every element of a production slide together without crease the way this does, providing a majestic evening of escape from the “fearfully solid” structure of the everyday.

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