“It was a dream to work with Matthew on Press. He was very attentive, and we felt he really understood what we were looking to achieve from the run.” Southern Magpie Theatre

Looking for help with Press & PR for your Off West End show?

Matthew has developed his 14 years of experience managing Press & PR for his own shows to deliver a comprehensive press service for theatre companies looking for an honest, passionate and professional service for their show at very low rates. 

As a theatre maker himself, Matthew knows just how daunting the idea of contacting and inviting press to review your show can be. Plus the hours of admin required to even find out who best to write to, how best to contact them, liaising on booking tickets, press photos etc, all whilst trying to actually create and rehearse the show and manage all that that entails. It can be overwhelming. In 2019 Matthew decided to use his many years of experience working alongside Off West End press to help other companies and theatre makers manage this process with ease, clarity and a personal touch. 

“Working with Matthew was brilliant, he made us feel at ease, had a wealth of contacts and was friendly and attentive. Press night was a success and we can’t thank him enough!” Velenzia Spearpoint, Producer for TheatreLab.

Matthew has nurtured and built excellent working relationships with many press publications and editors and can ensure that your show is well attended by reviewers and that the Off West End scene as a whole is aware of your show. He can also provide guidance on or even run your social media campaign for you. Whilst Artistic Director, The Hope Theatre won the Off West End Award for Best Social Media Activity & Online Presence, all of which was managed by Matthew. In addition he runs the Twitter campaigns for all his own shows and has great tips for increasing your reach and engagement as well as first hand experience of running effective campaigns to increase awareness, engagement and ticket sales. 

“Matthew works incredibly hard to get the right people in the audience for you. He is genuinely invested in what he is promoting and that comes across in his work. Matthew took charge of the social media campaign for BOOT generating a buzz around our show beyond our usual circles. Casting a web far and wide resulted in more followers and more connections with other creatives plus sell out shows! Matthew is kind, generous, experienced and efficient – a fantastic communicator – you will want him on your team.” PigWig Productions. 

Matthew has experience of running Press & PR campaigns for longer runs eg 3-4 weeks as well as short runs of one week and under and dedicates himself to bring press coverage to each show, no matter the length of run.

“Matthew provided an amazing service for us on To Have and To Hold, particularly given that the production was for an initial two-night run only. He’s also a lovely chap, and incredibly easy to work with. We’d highly recommend him.” Dryad Theatre.

Get In Touch To Find Out More

Matthew would love to hear from any companies or individuals looking to maximise their Press and PR reach for their Off West End show. Contact him on ensuring to include the dates of your run (including Press Night if known) and venue and Matthew will respond with more information on how he can help, outlining his process, the list of tasks he will undertake for you and his (very reasonable!) fee.

Recent clients include Proforca Theatre, Hambledon Productions, Red Room Productions, Wild Card Theatre, Purple Moon Drama, Southern Magpie, Theatre Lab, KatAlyst, PigWig Productions, Thumbs Down Theatre, Just A Regular House Productions, New Troubadour Theatre, Caravan Theatre, Olive & Stavros, Camden Fringe 2022 and the VAULT Festival 2023.

“I’m so lucky to have found Matthew. Working with him has been effortless, and he’s been extremely diligent to collaborate with. An exceptional, thoroughly professional, individual and a true asset for our production. I’ll be seeking his assistance in the future.”  Hambledon Productions 

For Press
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