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The Possibilities about to open at the Tristan Bates

Matthew’s exciting revival of The Possibilities by Howard Barker is about to open at the Tristan Bates Theatre, Off West End on Monday 31st October. The show will run for 3 weeks until 19th November and tickets can be booked here

The Possibilities transfers

Following an initial staging at the Camden People’s Theatre in July, Matthew’s production of The Possibilities by Howard Barker is transferring to the Tristan Bates Theatre, Off West End for a 3 week run from 31st Oct to 19th Nov. More details here

The Possibilities

A group of activists come together to explore The Possibilities, ten stories of human life at the limits of our existence.

Red Line presents an exhilarating new interpretation of Howard Barker’s 20th century classic The Possibilities, a series of short plays spanning a diverse range of times, locations and cultures from the distant past to an imagined dystopian future. Each play explores how we cope with and react to oppression in its many guises and, in doing so, raises fundamental questions about the differences between the oppressor and the oppressed, the terrorist and the freedom fighter, the wronged avenger and the murderer. It is a piece that raises far more questions than it answers, and it is at the same time absurd, compassionate, harrowing, funny, brutal and ultimately unforgettable.

The Possibilities features an ensemble cast; striking, contemporary music and choreographed movement in an innovative and exhilarating production that shines a light on the darker recesses of human behaviour and the choices we make in extreme situations.

“When the door is knocked on, open it”

Howard Barker is one of the most significant and controversial dramatists of our time. His plays challenge, unsettle and expose with a vital energy, poetic language and vivid imagination. 25 years since the play was written, The Possibilities still grips the audience while at the same time, in Barker’s words, “making suffering beautiful”. The themes of conflict and control in the play strongly resonate with the world events shaping our society.

Intense, emotionally raw and visually arresting, The Possibilities is an experience that will catch your breath and make your heart beat faster.

The production ran from 31st October to 19th November.


  • Phil Bishop
  • Jonathan Butler
  • Rafid Golby
  • Helen Meadmore
  • Nina Moniri
  • Olivia Onyehara
  • Adam Seigel
  • Robert Sladden
  • Francesca Wilding


  • Director/Choreographer: Matthew Parker
  • Producer: Nina Moniri
  • Stage Manager: Jess Ormsby
  • ASM/Technicals: Jo Abram
  • Lighting Designer: Simeon Miller

By arrangement with Judy Daish Associates