Twelve Clocks

In a castle in an undisclosed country twelve clocks have all stopped at ten to nine.

A supernatural, heightened comedy, devised by the acting students of Drama Studio London under the direction of Matthew Parker.

A Perfect Ganesh

Two outwardly unremarkable, middle aged lady friends throw themselves into arousing tour of India, each one having her own secret dreams of what the fabled land of intoxicating opposites will do for the suffering she hides within.

Faced with the women’s despair who but the golden elephant God could intervene? Fluid in his power to assume any guise, at peace with all things, Ganesha is the spiritual centre around which the play spins itself, drawing upon the tragic and the comic, the beautiful and the deplorable, until a breathtaking release arrives for both woman at his hands.

Directed by Matthew Parker


  • Cory English
  • Illona Linthwaite
  • Annie Julian
  • Rupert Mason

Beside Yourself

A farcical case of mistaken identity.

8 people, 4 sets of twins. They all gather together for one weekend at a Twin Research programme and confusion ensues!… Nick Hall’s frace takes mistaken identity to a new level in this 1970’s disco romp.


  • Charlotte Donnelly
  • Kevin Millington
  • Bryan Pilkington
  • Kirsty Yates



One of Vaclav Havel’s classic Vanek plays, Audience takes us to a Czechoslovakian brewery where paranoia is distilled. Audience is a cleverly constructed satire on power and those who wield it.


  • Jeremiah O’Connor
  • Stuart Slavicky

Directed by Matthew Parker

Through a Glass Darkly

A movement piece, playing with perceptions of reality, sense of self and reflection inspired by the biblical phrase “through a glass darkly”

Directed and choreographed by Matthew Parker