A Midsummer Night’s Dream

1 - 27 Aug 2022
Cambridge Shakespeare Festival
It’s mood-altering and not just a legal high but one that should be made compulsory!
IThankyou Theatre

“I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was”

The beautiful gardens of St John’s College form the perfect setting for Shakespeare’s delightful fairy-tale world of love, jealousy and youthful exuberance. This captivating production brings to life all the magic and humour of Shakespeare’s best-loved play. Why not invite your children to come along dressed as fairies to add to what promises to be a spectacular evening!

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  • Theseus/Oberon: Edmund Fargher
  • Hippolyta/Titania: Alex Andlau & Brooke Gillingham
  • Puck: Amy Blanchard
  • Hermia/Snout/Cobweb: Tessa Brockis
  • Lysander/Flute/Moth: Aneurin Pritchard
  • Helena/Snug/Peaseblossom: Nadia Dawber
  • Demetrius/Starveling/Mustardseed: George Barnden
  • Egeus/Bottom: Rob Goll
  • Philostrate/Quince: Meg MacMillan


  • Director: Matthew Parker
  • Producer: Jan Burns for Cambridge Shakespeare Festival
  • Photography: Mike Harris & Trevor Lee

This is a truly immersive experience, from a time before such notions were invented, Parker’s Band cover all of the ground, emotionally, contextually and physically… there’s not a nuance unturned and you will respond cerebrally and viscerally.

IThankyou Theatre