A Scent of Flowers

10 - 28 Sept 2013
The Jack Studio Theatre
Brilliant, absurdist theatre sparkling at every angle... this is intoxicating, mind-blowing theatre
What's On London

Zoe is searching, rifling through her memories for something to explain what has happened to her. Alone in a strangely familiar room, she catches glimpses of moments in her life that brought her to this day; her funeral.

On the eve of its 50th anniversary, DogOrange presents James Saunders’ absurdist classic A Scent of Flowers, hailed by The Times as ‘a unique, an unforgettable experience’ on its opening production, which introduced a young Ian McKellen to the West End audience and led to his first acting award.

A tragic-comic and wildly inventive tale, A Scent of Flowers is presented with DogOrange’s trademark theatrical style and directed by Artistic Director Matthew Parker. It marks award-nominated DogOrange’s return to the Jack Studio following the sell-out successes of A Woman Alone and Mary Rose and features Stage Award nominated actress Charlotte Blake.


  • Zoe: Charlotte Blake
  • Godfrey: Sam Saunders
  • Edgar: Bryan Pilkington
  • Agnes: Jodyanne Fletcher Richardson
  • David: John Sears
  • Grandmother: Clodagh Power
  • Scrivens: Jamie Laird
  • Fred: Stefan Holland
  • Sid: Richard Reed


  • Writer: James Saunders
  • Director: Matthew Parker
  • Producer: Cas Hodges
  • Set Design: Sara Polonghini
  • Lighting: Philip Jones
  • Sound: Andy Graham and Charlie Simpson
  • Costume: Clare Amos
  • Stage Manager: Ceren Bayraktar
  • Deputy Stage Manager: Rosanna Grimes
  • Production Assistant: Kudzi Hudson
  • Casting Director: Caley Powell
  • Publicity Photography: Ben Galpin
  • Publicity Design: Mike Linsey
  • Production Photography: Amir Aal

“Brilliant, absurdist theatre sparkling at every angle... this is intoxicating, mind-blowing theatre”

What's On London

Dark, lyrical, and haunting

What's Peen Seen

“Conveyed and performed brilliantly”

Everything Theatre

“It’s funny, desolate... it treats the audience with a respect that leaves it to work out meanings, if any, for itself. A truly satisfying evening in the theatre”

Broadway Baby

“DogOrange's production feels fresh and relevant… captures a perfect balance of humour and tragedy. I hope to catch more of the company's work in the future”


“Vibrant, sad, funny, fresh and true to the script”

Sarah Saunders (daughter of the author)