Brainville At Night

14 - 23 Feb 2014
The Jack Studio Theatre
A splendid piece of theatre
One Stop Arts

Step into the belly of the Blue Whale, where the dancers are hot and the music is cool. You’re handed a drink sent over by a mysterious woman at the end of the bar and she invites you to take a trip on her own special rollercoaster.

Brainville at Night is a stylish and involving adventure into the film noir-ish world of Ingrid’s memories and imagination. So what if the doctors tell her that she lacks insight and the ability to empathise? Nothing is going to stop Ingrid – labels like “fronto-temporal dementia” never meant anything to her anyway. Whatever happens, she carries the love, excitement and romance of her life within her. The play is a love story; a trip down memory lane and a blast into the past as Ingrid and those closest to her join her within the memories of a remarkable life.

Now if only we could convince the doctors to come along.


  • Ingrid: Illona Linthwaite
  • Sven: Robert Hickson
  • Carer/Young Sven: Eddie Usher
  • Maria/Young Ingrid: Sophie Dora Hall
  • Daughter/Young Lottie: Fleur Shepherd
  • Lottie: Julia Faulkner


  • Writer: Alex Moschos
  • Director: Matthew Parker
  • Producer:  Laura Harling for First Draft
  • Design: Sara Polonghini
  • Lighting: Joshua Pharo
  • Sound: Amy Smith
  • Projection: Mafalda Cruz
  • Movement: Alyssa Noble
  • Stage Manager: Christine Hollinshead
  • DSM: Tracey Booth
  • ASM: Karen Whyte
  • Production Assistant: Clodagh Power
  • Publicity Design/Photography: Laura Harling

this is a splendid piece of theatre

One Stop Arts

First Draft Theatre deserve your support as they are doing noble and important work which deserves recognition… this is a unique and interesting show, one quite unlike anything I’ve seen before

Everything Theatre

Brainville At Night - Poster

Photographs: Laura Harling