Henry V

14 - 31 August 2020
Roman Theatre, St Albans

Now all the youth of England are on fire

Henry IV is dead and the young Prince Hal is King. With England in a state of unrest, he must leave his rebellious youth behind and prove himself a worthy ruler. The young king becomes feted warrior as a tiny kingdom rouses its spirits to stake a claim on the towering throne of France. 

From monarchs to miscreants, Lords to lackeys, Shakespeare’s Henry V unites a cross section of humanity on the historical fields of Agincourt in an epic battle for heart and home.

“And gentlemen in England now abed,
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here”

Fast forward to Summer 2020 and OVO reimagines the play in an outdoor classroom, where a group of eager drama students and their teachers come together (at a socially safe distance!) to bring this rousing, moving and frequently funny play to life with creativity, passion and wit.

A feisty, fresh and fast-paced adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic text by award winning director Matthew Parker, marking his debut for OVO.


Press on Parker’s previous work:

★★★★★ “Highly entertaining and engaging from start to finish” London Theatre1
★★★★★ “Parker’s skilfully directed ensemble piece doesn’t falter for a second” Stage Review
★★★★★ “One of the finest displays of acting & direction I’ve seen all year.” IThankyou Theatre


  • Teacher 1 (Chorus, Westmorland, Williams): Cassandra Hodges
  • Teacher 2 (Gower, Orleans, Erpingham, Burgundy): Edward Elgood
  • Student 1 (Henry): Mara Allen
  • Student 2 (Boy, Cambridge, Katherine, Court, Gov. of Harfleur): Rachel Fenwick
  • Student 3 (Fluellen, Dauphin, Ely: Luke Adamson
  • Student 4 (Pistol, Constable of France, Gray): James Keningale
  • Student 5 (Montjoy, Hostess, Queen Isabel, Scrope) Melissa Shirley-Rose
  • Student 6 (Canterbury, Alice, Rambures, Bardolph): Paula Gilmour
  • Student 7 (Gloucester, French King): Jack Reitman
  • Student 8 (Exeter, Nym, Bates): Felipe Pacheco


  • Author: Adapted from Shakespeare by Matthew Parker
  • Director: Matthew Parker
  • Producer: OVO Theatre
  • Designer: Simon Nicholas
  • Costume: Lizzie Thomson
  • Lighting: Adam Bottomley
  • Sound: Michael Bird
  • Stage Manager: Becky Brown
  • Assistant Director: Oliver McFadden