I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical

Aug - Sept 2023
Gilded Balloon at the Museum / Wilton's Music Hall
It is witty, funny and full of heart. Written by Alexander S Bermange and directed and choreographed by Matthew Parker, the show is slick and performed by a sensational cast.
West End Best Friend

This comedic musical revue by Alexander S. Bermange reveals everything you could want to know about musical theatre, and the people who love it – on both sides of the curtain!

Covering the journey from wide-eyed drama student to brattish diva or past-it chorus member, or bitter has-been (or never-was), this show lifts the lid on awful auditions, debilitating dance routines, mid-performance mishaps, backstage backstabbing, superfans and harsh critics – plus those magical moments that make it all worthwhile.

The cast of acclaimed West End and musical theatre regulars are Jennifer Caldwell (Six The Musical), Sev Keoshgerian (Little Women), Rhidian Marc (Wicked) and Julie Yammanee (Bonnie and Clyde) and is produced by James Seabright.

Coming directly from its third Edinburgh Fringe season, this sell-out show has garnered an astonishing 35 five-star reviews, a West End Wilma award, and three award nominations.

I WISH MY LIFE WERE LIKE A MUSICAL played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London’s historic Wilton’s Music Hall in the summer of 2023.

This 2023 production, under the direction of Matthew Parker, garnered a fabulous 15 ★★★★★ reviews and 4 OFFIE Award nominations including Best Musical Production and Best Director of a Musical. 



  • Jennifer Caldwell
  • Sev Keoshgerian
  • Rhidian Marc
  • Julie Yammanee


  • Writer & Musical Director: Alexander S. Bermange
  • Director & Choreographer: Matthew Parker
  • Producer: James Seabright
  • Associate Producer: Jack Robertson
  • Designer: Sorcha Corcoran
  • Lighting Designer: Chris McDonnell
  • Sound Designer: Tom Lishman
  • Design Associate: Alice Carroll
  • Head of Production: Luke Gledsdale
  • Production Manager: Ruth Burgon
  • Company Stage Manager: Scott McMullin
  • Assistant Producer: Andrei Cotocu
  • Marketing Director: Kate Farrell
  • Press Representative: Paul Sullivan
  • Social Media Manager: Mark Ludmon