12 Dec 2017 - 6 Jan 2018
Drayton Arms Theatre
Matthew Parker’s revival proves the perfect antidote to the cold winter outside. As with all good farces, it’s posh, silly and jolly good fun.
Stage Talk

“Ghosts – bunkum! Have you ever met anyone who’s seen a ghost?” 
“No; but I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t met someone who has…”

London, 1927. The rebellious twenties are roaring right outside Sir Hector Benbow’s Mayfair window. All he wants to do is to take Cherry, a ‘good looker’, out for a spot of dinner. His saucy liaison is scuppered when Lady Benbow and his ward Kitty arrive home unexpectedly. What’s more, there are reports that Thark – the family home – is haunted!  Hector, his plucky nephew Ronny, and the rest of the family set out to investigate. Will Thark live up to its spine-chilling reputation?

Fast-paced, fruity and full of flappers, Ben Travers’ Thark is a hilarious classic British farce combining sparkling witticisms and bold physical comedy with glamour, naughty romps and a hint of gothic spookery! 

This sparkling new production directed by Off West End Award winning director Matthew Parker and ran at the Drayton Arms Theatre, South Kensington from 12 December 2017 to 6 January 2018.


Matthew Parker received a Best Director OFFIE nomination 2017 for this production. 




  • Hook: Daniel Casper
  • Warner/Jones: Sophia Lorenti
  • Cherry Buck: Isabella Hayward
  • Lionel Frush: Alexander Hopwood
  • Mrs Frush: Ellie Gill
  • Sir Hector Benbow: Mathijs Swarte
  • Ronald Gamble: Robin Blell
  • Lady Benbow: Charlotte Vassell
  • Kitty Stratton: Natalia Lewis
  • Whittle: Kieran Slade


  • Writer: Ben Travers
  • Director: Matthew Parker
  • Design: Granville Saxton
  • Costume: Bryony J. Thompson
  • Lighting: Alexander Capon
  • Sound: Phil Matejtschuk
  • Stage Manager: Emily Humphrys
  • Production Manager: Phil Croft
  • Assistant Director: Kennedy Bloomer
  • Graphic Design: Luke Adamson

In the hands of director Matthew Parker, Travers’ play becomes a Hi-NRG romp, with machine-gun diction and a cast that carries on with expression even when they have no lines, exactly like a silent movie!

IThankyou Theatre

Director Matthew Parker has assembled a very strong cast. There are some really deft touches in the action that keep the audience on their toes and ensures the attention never flags.

London Theatre1

Well disciplined physical performances, punctuated by deliciously timed punchlines, results achieved by a skilled director (Parker) attuned to the movement and rhythm inherent in this Aldwych oldie

Unity Arts

The physical comedy and rhythm of the production means it zooms by with not one element being lost; every word is heard, every motion captured and every joke hit.

National Student

The young company respond well to Parker's clear-sighted direction whilst managing to not miss a single opportunity to make us smile and laugh with delight.

Ought To Be Clowns