The Cherry Orchard

15 Jul - 2 Aug 2014
The Jack Studio Theatre
Unmissable… The strongest fringe theatre show I have seen in a long, long time
Everything Theatre

DogOrange presents Chekhov’s final masterpiece, The Cherry Orchard, in a new version by Writers’ Guild award-winning playwright Brendan Murray.

Madame Ranyevskaya returns to save the family estate she has loved throughout her life. Haunted by memories of lost happiness, she is unable to accept help; as though to face the realities of the present would betray her longing for the past. Through inaction, she risks losing the thing she holds most precious, her Cherry Orchard.

The whole orchard dressed in white. Do you remember, Lyuba? The long avenue – how it stretches like a ribbon; how it shines on moonlit nights… You haven’t forgotten, have you?

DogOrange returns to the tragi-comedy of Chekhov following the success of their imaginative adaptation of Ward No. 6, which garnered a Stage Award Nomination for Best Ensemble (2009) and Time Out Critic’s Choice (✭✭✭✭ “an imaginative and dynamic production, realised with passion and wit”). The Cherry Orchard marks DogOrange’s first production as Associate Company at the Jack Studio and follows their previous sell out Jack Studio productions of A Scent of Flowers, A Woman Alone and J. M. Barrie’s Mary Rose. Bringing the company’s trademark imagination and passion to Chekhov’s vivid storytelling, the production features live music composed by Maria Haik Escudero and played live by actor-musicians.



  • Ranyevskaya: Julia Faulkner
  • Gaev: Graham Christopher
  • Varya: Helen Keeley
  • Anya: Emma Kemp
  • Lopakhin: Henry Everett
  • Pishchik: Bryan Pilkington
  • Trofimov: William Donaldson
  • Charlotta: Cathy Conneff
  • Yasha: Robert Sladden
  • Yepikhodov: Nic McQuillan
  • Firs: John Sears
  • Dunyasha: Victoria Sye
  • Servant/Tramp/Post Office Clerk: Fergus Leathem
  • Servant/Jewish Band/Stationmaster: John Fricker
  • Servant/Jewish Band: Alice Coles


  • Producer: Cas Hodges
  • Director: Matthew Parker
  • Adaptation: Brendan Murray from Chekhov
  • Composer/Musical Director: Maria Haik Escudero
  • Designer: Rachael Ryan
  • Lighting: Tom Kitney
  • Sound: Will Tonna
  • Costume: Jane Rankine
  • Assistant Producer/Production Manager: Tom Attwood
  • Assistant Director: Suvi Peisanen
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Natalie Winter
  • Hair & Make-Up/Costume Assistant: Tiffany Al-Shakhli
  • Casting: Caley Powell
  • Original Artwork: Laura Harling
  • Production Photography: Scott Rylander

Unmissable… The strongest fringe theatre show I have seen in a long, long time

Everything Theatre

A strong, engaging production… Director Matthew Parker is to be commended


DogOrange's adaption is stylishly executed... Fantastic

Views From The Gods


Female Arts

A great piece of Fringe theatre

West End Wilma

A work so impressive it deserves a transfer to the West End

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