The House Of Yes

8 - 26 Oct 2019
The Hope Theatre
An exquisitely dark, lip-bitingly funny endeavour, perfectly delivered with macabre touches - a final directorial tour de force from (Hope) Artistic Director Matthew Parker. Unmissable
Act Drop

  • Top 3 London Plays of 2019, Reggie Awards, Everything Theatre
  • Critics Choice Best Shows (Top 3) of 2019, London Pub Theatres
  • Top 9 Plays of 2019, The Review Chap
  • Top 10 Shows of 2019, London Theatre Reviews
  • WINNER Best Actress 2019: Colette Eaton, Reggie Awards, Everything Theatre
  • OFFIE Award Nominee: Director (Plays): Matthew Parker
  • OFFIE Award Finalist: Male in a Supporting Role (Plays): Bart Lambert
  • London Pub Theatres Standing Ovation Award nominee: Director Matthew Parker

Just what happens when you grow up in a house that only says “yes”?

Meet the Pascals. A family living in the shadow of the Kennedy clan. Outside their Washington D.C. home a hurricane is raging. Inside, at the eye of the storm, a series of twisted and dangerous events have been set in motion that can only have one destination.

It’s Thanksgiving, 1983. Jackie-O is beyond excited to have her twin brother Marty home. He’s excited too, but for different reasons. He’s bringing home his fiancée to meet the family. Younger brother Anthony is impressed, perhaps worryingly so, and mother Pascal is too zoned out on pills to be paying much attention to anything. The scene is set for an evening of twisted machinations and mind-games that will leave the players with scars that will never ever heal.

The multi award winning Hope Theatre presents a rare revival of Wendy MacLeod’s deliciously dark comic drama given cult status by the 90’s film starring Parker Posey.

THE HOUSE OF YES is the 11th in-house production from The Hope Theatre team and is directed by its award winning Artistic Director Matthew Parker. It follows previous ★★★★★ in-house shows THRILL ME: THE LEOPOLD & LOEB STORY (3 OFFIE Award nominations), THE LESSON (4 OFFIE Award nominations) and LOVESONG OF THE ELECTRIC BEAR (winner of 2 OFFIE Awards and transferred to The Arts Theatre, West End).

The production gained a stunning 6 ★★★★★ reviews and was nominated for 2 OFFIE Awards; Best Director for Matthew Parker and Best Supporting Male in a Play for Bart Lambert. In addition Matthew as also nominated for a London Pub Theatres Standing Ovation Award for his direction of the piece.




Colette Eaton won Best Actress at the 2019 Reggie Awards for her portrayal of Jackie-O.


  • Anthony: Bart Lambert
  • Jackie-O: Colette Eaton
  • Mrs Pascal: Gill King
  • Marty: Fergus Leathem
  • Lesly: Kaya Bucholc


  • Writer: Wendy MacLeod
  • Director: Matthew Parker
  • Producer: Toby Hampton for The Hope Theatre
  • Designer: Rachael Ryan
  • Lighting Designer: Lucia Sanchez Roldan
  • Sound Designer: Simon Arrowsmith
  • Stage Manager: Laurel Marks
  • Accent Coach: Dewi Hughes

The production would really be as nothing without the sheer brilliance of the director Matthew Parker. Every moment presented to us sucks us into this demented world. Not a jot or full stop is ignored. It is the work of a craftsman fully engaged in telling us an extraordinary story.

London Pub Theatres

Parker has regularly brought us humour, often combining dark undercurrents or overtones that almost dare us to laugh, eagerly mixed with unsettling moments that sometimes disturb. This venture punctuates (Parker’s) hugely admirable body of work that has amply demonstrated both his gifted directing and his inspired talent for spotting unusual and powerful shows.

Act Drop

Funny, sexy, violent, frightening & unsettling... Quite simply one of the finest displays of acting and direction I’ve seen all year.

IThankyou Theatre

Matthew Parker's impeccably scandalous production... (This) layered thriller keeps its crowd on the edge of their seats, tickling their naughty side and delivering its deliciously climactic ending.

Broadway World UK

Exploiting MacLeod's text, whether in tricky, self-conscious or uncomfortable social/sexual situations or capitalising on the laugh-out-loud moments, (Parker’s) directorial dexterity is on top form. Maybe even making camp the new black in this quintessential production?

The Review Chap

The director (Parker) is always entirely in command and always just enough ahead of the audience to ensure that each revelation comes as a surprise and a chill.

Theatre Reviews Design

Matthew Parker has a proven way with the strange. It’s easy to see why he was drawn to US writer Wendy MacLeod’s warped comedy for his final production as artistic director at the Hope Theatre. It’s a good fit.

The Stage

Biting, stylised, golden dialogue. The humour is fast and in your face. It is a pleasure to see the characters interact, under the tight direction of Matthew Parker.

London Theatre Reviews

Excellent direction combines with all design elements to create a truly atmospheric piece, and the cast also excel.

Mind The Blog

THE HOUSE OF YES works a treat. A potent cocktail that was rapturously devoured by a packed house.

Close Up Culture

As Parker’s swansong as Artistic Director at the Hope Theatre, THE HOUSE OF YES – like many of the plays he’s directed there – isn’t afraid to show the underbelly of ‘respectable society.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Parker undisputedly has a knack for the genre of black comedy/thriller and brings his expertise to this latest show.

Spy In The Stalls

Top drama not to be missed.

Playhouse Pickings

Bringing to a close Matthew Parker’s critically acclaimed tenure at The Hope, THE HOUSE OF YES is a jet-black comedy drama that very much sees the theatre’s outgoing artistic director leave with a bang!

Theatre Things