The Possibilities

31 Oct - 19 Nov 2011
Tristan Bates Theatre
Great direction and choreography and a well balanced cast

A group of activists come together to explore The Possibilities, ten stories of human life at the limits of our existence.

Red Line presents an exhilarating new interpretation of Howard Barker’s classic, featuring an ensemble cast, music and movement in a dynamic production about the nature of oppression and the choices we make in extreme situations.

“When the door is knocked on, open it”

Intense, emotionally raw and visually arresting, The Possibilities is an experience that will catch your breath and make your heart beat faster.


  • Phil Bishop
  • Jonathan Butler
  • Rafid Golby
  • Helen Meadmore
  • Nina Moniri
  • Olivia Onyehara
  • Adam Siegel
  • Robert Sladden
  • Francesca Wilding


  • Writer: Howard Barker
  • Director/Choreographer: Matthew Parker
  • Producer: Nina Moniri for Red Line
  • Design: Matthew Parker & Granville Saxton
  • Lighting: Simeon Miller
  • Costume: Josie Thomas
  • Stage Manager: Jess Ormsby
  • DSM: Jo Abram
  • Production Photography: James Oaten

very enjoyable thanks to a great direction and choreography (Matthew Parker) and a well balanced cast


Parker’s realisation of the text appeals, above all, to the senses – this is a loud, bright, fast-paced production. Its success is underpinned by strong choreography that makes excellent use of the limited space and never allows the dust to settle


A truly captivating display

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